Hanne Mouritsen

Owner of Pure Nordic Yoga

Trained childrens nurse in 1995. Worked for 12 years as an neonathal nurse.

In 2007 educated as an health practitioner called Senetensbehandler, and have since then been the owner of an health clinic. Here she treats people with cronic pain and also children with different issues like for instance headache and pain. She uses yoga in her clinic as an fundation for  rehabilitation and to reduce pain and anxiety. She also teaches ergonomics.

From 2009-2013 she worked part time at a bording school for teenagere, where the job was to teach them yoga and rehabiltitation after sportsinjuries via yoga.

Trained adult yoga teacher both in Denmark and in India(Yoga Gita). Registrer via yogaalliance with 400 hours. Teaching yoga to adult for 600+hours. Trained children yoga teacher both in Denmark and USA “Yoga for classrooms” + many extra courses.

30+ years of teaching experience – primarily with focus on health and movement. Been teaching both instructors, children and adults in Denmark. And for the last seven years teaching teachers in schools and daycare. Both private schools/kindergartens, public schools/ kindergartens and schools for children with special needs.

She is an author of several books, yogacards and the childrens yoga app: Mini Kids yoga.